Jefford Horrigan

I make installations, short performances and small films, rooted in sculpture and jealous of painting – particularly the still life. In these works I move, manipulate and sometimes dance with furniture, combined with everyday actions such as polishing shoes, washing up or sewing. I want always to have the furniture, household objects and actions remain recognizable and everyday but the emotional atmosphere altered. So I felt blessed to be invited to make work in the beautiful and now liminal spaces of the Ragged School Museum in East London closed due to the pandemic and awaiting renovation. From this situation immerged 3 Hearts 3 Lungs and 30 Ears, a drawing installation on the scarred, green walls of rooms filled with objects piled in the disarray of transition. Among them, I found a blue and white jug, damaged and bearing a smaller vase inside it, atop a cabinet, waiting to be thrown out and made the screen work 6,000 Days in March. Filmed and mostly edited on camera and using a mix of natural and electric light of the space, 6,000 Days in March was shot in 15mins and post edited in half an hour.